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We Are Recruiting

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Angel Heart

Angel Heart
Hi all:-)

Angel Hearts Clan [Halo] is a recently created guild. After an internal conflict within TLH The Last Hero Guild, all the active players decided to reform into a new guild [Halo].

TLH used to be once a large faction farming guild, several years ago. We have drifted apart since those days but, due to Hall of Monument information, have been able to get several keys members back together.

What do we do?
Currently our members are working towards filling their Hall of Monuments, doing the War in Kryta quests, Zaishen Quests, and will continue to do any new content that is released. As we grow, we will start to doing more activities, but the main focus of the guild at the moment is Hall of Monument driven.

There is a second segment of the guild deeply into Doa, we would like to keep recruiting experienced Domain of Anguish players.

Is this guild right for you?
If you are looking for a laid back, friendly guild to help you work through your Hall of Monument goals, we just might be the people for you.

We are a helpful guild, looking to get everyone to their HoM goals, and any other activities they may be seeking. We have several experienced members who will help in any way they can.

How can we help?
Make use of our guild website and you will have several members happy to assist you with just about every part of the game. Lately we have been doing elite pet runs to get people their Black Moa, Imperial Phoenix, or Black Widow Spiders. Some members have been getting together to vanquish zones, or complete their final missions on Hard Mode.

If you need help with something quick, just ask in Guild Chat, and I'm sure someone will help you out. If you would like assistance with something that could take some time, post on the guild forum and we will arrange a time to help you out. We have several members you are running out of things to do in guild wars, and will jump at the chance for a little fun.

Multi Gaming Guild
[Halo] has now expanded into a multi gaming guild, so if you play more that just guild wars, you might be able to hook up with some of our members in those games. Currently the popular games are Guild Wars, Starcraft 2, and World of Warcraft, but this list will continue to grow.

How can you join?
Please head over to our guild website and leave a post asking for an invite. In this post please detail a little information about yourself, what your goals are, your in game name, and anything else you think we should know up front.

You can also get an invite by pming me here on guru with the same information.

If you would like to contact someone ingame for an invite, please pm the leader or one of the officers:

Angel Hearts Mirror
Puriels Wrath
Amazing Angela
Cadaver ultimatum
Ix Shuffle Legend I
Slayer yozshura
Cpt S P I R I T S
Hexy R Us
Xanne The Ritualist

hope to see you in game soon,

Angel Hearts Mirror
Guild leader

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