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~ Angel Hearts Clan [Halo]~

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Angel Heart

Angel Heart
~ Angel Hearts Clan [Halo]~ Zojabl12.

Hi all,

And Welcome to the 'Angel Hearts Clan'.

Some of you might wonder who we are and what we do, so i'll try to answer some of those questions.

You all might still know me as Stef your former guildleader of TLH.
After an internal disagrement we thought that it would be more prudent, to leave that guild and to create our own little environment to play and enjoy Guild Wars in.

We have a little guild atm with wonderfull friendly ppl, alot of them are very active and deserve a spot where they are apreciated for what they do.

We mainly are a PVE guild specialised in doing balanced runs of the elite missions such as the Underworld and Fissure of Wu. Next to that we have a segment of ppl that are dedicated to doing Doa runs.

Generally speaking we're all very decent pve players.

So if you think our guild is appealing and we offer what you are looking for and if you are interested plz have a look at our recruitment page

Angel Hearts Mirror
Guildleader of Halo

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